Government Dismisses Repots That It Will Shut Down Internet From 12 to 15th August

GOVERNMENT wishes to dismiss, as malicious propaganda, information making rounds on social media, alleging that the Zambian government will shut down the internet from Thursday to Sunday next week.

This information is false and is calculated to cause alarm among the peace-loving Zambians. The Government wishes to assure the people of Zambia, both at home and abroad, that it remains committed to the free flow of information, even during the election period.

Government further wishes to urge all law-abiding citizens to continue using the internet and other social media platforms responsibly and in conformity with the provisions of the Electoral Process Act and other laws, such as the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Act and the Penal Code Act, which prohibit dissemination of falsehoods and inflammatory statements that have the potential to destabilise national peace and security.

Amos Malupenga



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