Hakainde Hichilema Blocked From Flying Out Of Mukushi

The opposition UPND has expressed grave concern over the alleged continued refusal by the Civil Aviation Authority –CAA- and the Zambia air force to allow its leader, Hakainde Hichilema to fly.

According to Party Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa, Mr. Hichilema was this morning still in Mkushi despite being cleared by ZAF and CAA to fly to Mansa in Luapula province.

Mr. Mweetwa however explains that Mr. Hichilema was supposed to fly to Luapula Province this morning but has not done so after he received a notice last night from the civil aviation authority and ZAF not to travel without giving any reasons.

In an interview with phoenix news, Mr. Mweetwa feels the relevant authorities are working under pressure from government to limit Mr. Hichilema’s movements and has urged Zambians to clear the UPND leader to fly the skies of Zambia through the ballot box.


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