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I met a guy who was the nicest person ever, he treated me really well, we later fell in love and things started going really well, he was doing really well for himself, a good job, a side business, he had good friends and he came from a good family. I thought I found the one. I was doing well too, I had a good job and I had a great family, i thought we were perfect for each other.

Of course we had our fights and arguments like any other couple but we got through it. Six months ago, on a Sunday morning, I woke up to no text or call, tried to call him, no answer, texted him, no reply, I didn’t think much of it. Later in the day, i tried but nothing. I started getting worried but I let it go. Next morning, I tried but still nothing, went to work worried. I kept trying but I still couldn’t reach him. Tuesday came and nothing from him, I tried to call his friends but non of them answered or responded, I tried his family but nothing still. I was really worried at this point.

I tried the entire week but i still couldn’t get a hold of him. I decided to go to his house on Saturday morning, I got there, I had a pair of the gate keys so I got inside, I found his young brother and he said his brother left really early. I said I’d wait then he went in the bedroom and came back to tell me that he had to go somewhere and he couldn’t leave me alone in the house so I also had to go, he also asked me to leave the keys.

I tried visiting his work and they told me that he had taken an emergencies leave. At this point, I knew something wasn’t right. I kept trying to reach him but I couldn’t, time was going by really fast and I hadn’t realized it had been three weeks without hearing from him. I tried using different numbers to call him but he would hang up upon hearing my voice. A month had gone by and I still heard nothing from him, I went to his house and I found out that he had moved to a different place. I couldn’t go to his work because they told me he was on a three months leave. I felt like my world was crumbling because I had no idea why he was doing that to me.

Two months went by and nothing, I became really depressed, I couldn’t go to work for a week, I was confused, traumatized, I was in a lot of heartache. After three months, his sister called me and told me to forget about her brother because he was married now and had a baby on the way. I literally dropped my phone on the floor. I didn’t believe what she had said to me. I kept blaming myself, I wondered what I had done wrong. It’s been a month and he hasn’t bothered to call me to at least explain or apologize. I never imagined that he’d hurt me like this. Zambian stories

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