A year ago, I met a man who later became my boyfriend, he was in his late twenties and he had a stable job. We met in Livingston when he came for a business trip and he told me he was single and needed a lady to settle down with. He was everything I was looking for in a man. After dating for a year, I found out that he was married and had a daughter. I asked him why he didn’t tell me and he said it was because he was planning on divorcing his wife and that they were married but not together so I believed him.

He then found me a job in Lusaka and started renting me an apartment, he really made it seem like he was going through a separation with his wife, he would spend most nights with me and only a few nights at his house, he never took me to his house because he said it wouldn’t look nice to his family considering the fact that he was married so I didn’t let it bother me. After a year, he didn’t say anything about him divorcing his wife and he was getting too comfortable with me. He then started asking me to have a baby with him. I was hesitant about it because he was still a married man even though he convinced me his marriage was over just not legally.

After a some months, I got pregnant and had a baby boy. We were happy. I started getting concerned about his divorce proceedings and every I asked him about it, he would give me an excuse. After my baby was some months older, I decided to find out what was really happening and to my surprise, he was still with his wife and they were very happy, he was never planning on divorcing her and he constantly told him he was out for business and she understood because of the type of work he was doing. I was so hurt and beyond disappointed.
I confronted him about it and he got very angry, he thought I told his wife about us and he was so scared. I cried but he didn’t care about what he had done and how he made me feel, all he cared about was if his wife knew. It’s been a week and this is when he’s being remorseful, he says he’s sorry and he never planned on hurting me. He begged me to keep this between us and not tell his wife. He says he’ll continue supporting me and our baby. I’m so hurt.

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