A few months ago, I met a guy via social media and we started talking, we started having conversations about our lives and just getting to know each other. After weeks of having conversations over the phone either through calls or texts, he asked me out on a date. The following weekend, he sent me money for transport and the address of the venue as well as the time for the meeting . That Friday afternoon, I went And did my hair because I wanted to look my absolutely best as it was going to be our first time meeting and I knew how important first impressions are. The following day I got all dressed up, and booked an Ulendo and I was on my way to see him. I then got to this beautiful place, he had a table for two wonderfully decorated, the scene was quiet and beautiful, we sat, we had wine and food and a good conversation. This guy seemed to have everything going well for him and I thought I found the right guy.

After the date was over, he dropped me home and I was really happy about how the date went. We continued talking. After A couple of weeks of us seeing each other and talking on the phone, he invited me for a sleepover, and I was glad. The next weekend, on a Saturday to be precise, he came to pick me up around 4pm, we went to have a few drinks and food then later went to his house or so I thought. We got there and I was amazed, it was a very beautiful place. We spent the half the night watching a movie, Cuddling and we made love. I don’t remember the time we slept but it was pretty late. Around 5 am he woke me up and we made love again. I shortly fell asleep and I woke up to a loud bang on the bedroom window, someone was shouting for us to open the door, I was surprised because I thought who could that be, the guy asked me to quickly dress up and while I was busy trying to figure out what was happening. He went and opened the door.

The guy then told my boyfriend that he was expecting us to be gone by 6am and that we delayed him from getting ready for work.I was shocked. It turns out that the guy took me to his friend’s house and lied about it. He told me that it was his house, he also lied about the car he had been driving saying it was his but it wasn’t. He later confessed that he still lives with his parents and he didn’t tell me because he thought I’d reject him. I felt so angry and embarrassed. I decided to cut all ties with him

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