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Heres what you need to know about three mindolo women who had sx with [email protected]@n.

3 Mindolo women who had sx with mad man are staunch Christians!

The three Kitwe women of Mindolo township captured on video having sex have shocked their friends and neighbours with their conduct as they are said to be committed Christians who regularly attend service at one of the Catholic churches.

Two of the women are confirmed members of the Catholic Women’s League while one is a member of the Nazareth Church group.

“People here are embarrassed and shocked to hear about what happened because the three women, who are all friends, are staunch Catholic Church members,” one of the neighbours who sought anonymity said.

The three women – Thandiwe Phiri, 34, Kangwa Chembeye and Mary Mugala – have been charged with making and circulating obscene material and having carnal knowledge of an imbecile or person with mental illness.

However, those who know the man in the video say he is of sound mind with his only problem being that he likes alcohol too much.

-Zambia Daily Mail

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