Hero Cop Saves 8 Year Old Girl From Jaws Of A Crocodile

A DISTINGUISHED graduate of the infamous Sondela Police Paramilitary Training School granted an 8-year old girl of Sioma District of Western Province, a second chance at life after heroically snatching her from the sharp jigsaw teeth of a Nile crocodile in the Zambezi River.
Constable Enock Phiri of Lusaka Police Headquarters but stationed to guard Sioma Bridge in Western was alerted of the threat on life by desperate screams of a mother fighting the infamous reptile.
The croc, whose ancestors are dinosaurs, had clutched and locked its teeth on the woman’s 8-year old daughter Nobutu Mabena.
Without hesitation, Constable Phiri catapulted himself from his bridge guard post, landing feet first on the sands of Barotse and ran his free government boots helter-skelter along the river towards the scene of the incident as mother to the child, Mary Nobutu, was in desperate tug of war with the ancient reptile.
As mother Mary’s energy was almost being exhausted by the adamant crocodile, Constable Phiri turned on his trained instincts, clutched his AK 47 and without panic or shiver delivered exactly only two precise volley of bullets right into the crocodile sending it to a fatal union with its dinosaur ancestors.
According to ZAWA records, Constable Phiri, bearing police serial number 37416 then informed them that he had killed one of their ugly assets over its appetite for children’s flesh.


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