Hichilema ‘congests’ Tokyo Way with K100, 000 smiles

Hichilema ‘congests’ Tokyo Way with K100, 000 smiles

THERE was a “congestion” of smiles on a section of Tokyo Way in Lusaka yesterday when traders received K100,000 cash from President Hakainde Hichilema for them to further boost their businesses.

The given amount will be treated as a revolving fund for people who trade along Tokyo Way (Ring Road) from Mosi oa Tunya traffic lights to Community House (President Hichilema’s home) in New Kasama area.

The President’s finance and investments advisor Jito Kayumba handed over the amount to a group of thrilled traders who gathered, near Mosi oa Tunya traffic lights yesterday.

The group’s chairlady, Catherine Ng’ombe, received the K100, 000 from Kayumba.

The traders, who have organised themselves, will share the amount and invest it in their businesses.

As he is classily driven from Community House to State House for work, President Hichilema usually throws air kisses to traders in his neighbourhood.

One day, he made a stop-over to briefly chat with some of the traders and it is then when he promised to organise “ka samfing” for them to augment their businesses.

Yesterday, Bally paid and all the proud and free traders could do is smile and sing, in support of President Hichilema.

Ng’ombe then gave a short speech to the group, coming out almost like a financial literacy trainer.

“We thank the President for this amount of money that he has given us. But my word to every one of us who will receive is that let us use this money to grow our businesses,” said Ng’ombe.

“Let us invest it in our businesses. It is not money for anyone of us to go and start buying chickens for relish at home.”

Meanwhile, Wezzy Zulu gave a vote of thanks and thanked President Hichilema for delivering the amount, through Kayumba.

“The President knew us even when he was still an opposition leader. We thank the President and the first family. May he continue helping not only us but other people in other parts of this country,” said Zulu.