Hicks Yamba aka Frank Mpali Scared Of The ‘RIP’ Massages In His Inbox

Hicks Yamba who plays Frank on Mpali, A local Tv Series which airs on Zambezi Magic on DSTV says he is overwhelmed by the “Rest In Peace” massages that have continues pouring in his inbox from his fans after they watched him playing dead in the movie.

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The actor had to come to social media to share his sentiments and assure everyone that he is very much alive and also show appreciation for the love his character has received over the years from his fans.

He wrote..,
Good morning everyone.
About last nights episode
I am grateful for the love ❤️ and support shown to me and your favorite TV show #Mpali. over the years.
Last night was emotional even for me. Your comments and posts really showed how touched some of you guys were.
To those that are sending me messages of condolences in my inbox please guys…
I Hicks Yamba who plays Frank Mpali, I want to say thank you and tell you that Hicks is alive and well, for Frank I also don’t know only the writers do.
please those RIP Messages in my inbox are too much and they are really starting to scare me right now. It’s like attending your own funeral ⚰️
I rebuke the spirit of death 💀 and speak life, great health and happiness.
Especially with the suicide spirit going around napapata.



Love ❤️ you guys

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