Hon Bowman Lusambo Disappointed By Most Zambians For Still Viewing Seer 1’s Videos

He Wrote:


I find it extremely astonishing that some Zambians can still find it pleasant to sit, view, download and share videos from fugitive, nomadic and discredited fake Prophet Andrew also known as Seer 1.

I also find it strange that some political groupings within Zambia could find it pleasant to be clapping for Andrew when he goes on his usual desperate rantings about Zambia and in the end insults everyone including our Head of State His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and other national leaders.

It is the greatest betrayal of national patriotism for any citizen to sit and watch the country’s sovereignty being shredded to pieces by a desperate, stranded and stateless individual who fakes miracles to survive.

I know Andrew is stranded because if he had a home, he would have gone there after being deported from Zambia but he went and sought refuge in South Africa.

But he knows that there is nothing he can do in Nigeria. That land has many great men and women of God who serve the Lord in truth and in spirit. Nigeria is full of great men of God such as Bishop Adeboye and little Andrew knows that he cannot manipulate Nigerias with his fake miracles.

It should be known that Zambia is our birthright and it is expected that we will all rise up and defend this great nation when

attacked unfairly.

For the people that clap for Andrew, I ask you to search your souls and ask yourselves what makes you Zambian.

For Andrew, the desperation to return to Zambia shows with every video he makes. He clearly misses this beautiful country than he does any other on earth because he knows that Zambia is the greatest country on this earth. Sadly for him, he will never step his ugly foot on our beautiful soil. Andrew can make a million videos, that won’t be enough to hand him a visa to enter Zambia again.

One would ask, If Andrew cared so much for Zambia as he claims, why doesn’t he go and attend to issues in the land of his birth. We know Nigeria just like any other country in the world has a myriad of problems which if indeed Andrew cares, he should be focusing on resolving. But we know that what has infuriated Andrew’s troubled soul is the fact that he cannot enter Zambia anymore, a country that gave him so much when he was here.

In one of his his latest videos which I was made to view, Andrew shows his highest levels of ignorance when he attacks me on the basis that he has never heard me debate in Parliament. If he had finished his school, he would have understood that the parliamentary system we use in Zambia doesn’t allow Provincial Ministers like myself to necessarily debate, raise questions or even present Ministerial statements but obviously Andrew is too dull to understand parliamentary procedures.

If Andrew wants the world to believe that I have never debated in Parliament, I will ask him to tell the world how I defended the Provincial budgets both as Copperbelt and Lusaka Province Minister on the floor of the House.

It’s highly unfortunate that Andrew has now resorted to attacking highly respected institutions in our country such as our Honourable National Assembly. He claims the Honourable Members of Parliament just go the August House to shout “Yaya yaya yaya”, again that’s another display of his utter ignorance. I should educate Andrew that Parliaments would over have their own coded words of approving or disapproving of any motion and the Zambian Parliament just like any other legislative assembly has strict rules of engagement, for instance, MPs are not supposed to clap the way Andrew expects his followers on social media to clap for him when he makes his usual rantings like a rabid dog.

I again warn Andrew that since he claims to have some mystical powers, let him use those same fake powers to enter any part of this great country and he will regret that action for the rest of his life. I will personally throw him into the gallows and throw away the keys.

Andrew shouldn’t think the country has forgiven him of all those rape crimes he committed and the several women he swindled off their cars and properties whilst in Zambia on the pretext of performing miracles.

In this country, we don’t believe in magicians who perform Abracadabra but he only worship one true God whose son is Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed week

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