Hon Lubusha Encourages Farmers To Hold On To Last Season’s Harvest

In the wake of erratic rainfall and uncertainty on when the rains will fall, Chipangali Member of Parliament, Hon Andrew Lubusha has advised farmers in his constituency to hold on to last season’s harvest.

He says farmers for now should not even think of selling their maize because the future is not certain interms of the 2021/22 farming season as well as the country’s food security status.

Hon Lubusha has sympathized with the farmers in his constituency, and across the country who are facing anxiety due to the dry spell which has persisted way into December without any sufficient rainfall to guarantee safe planting.
Speaking when he visited some fields in Chipangali constituency, Hon Lubusha observed that there could be looming hunger, which calls for farmers to guard the last harvest jealously.

“We met farmers in Chipangali constituency and we share their pain of losing seedlings due to the effects of Climate Change. Poor rainfall pattern has hit the district leaving more farmers perplexed as a result of wilting of seedlings” he said.

“Little is known by now how the yield of next year shall be. Because we value the input of farmers, we have since advised them not to sell their farm produce of last season as a way of cushioning the looming hunger next year.We believe that God won’t completely leave our people in adverse hunger” he further prayed.

Hon Lubusha asked the country to join in prayers against draught in the country and for God to heal ‘our land’.
Dry spells are projected to persist and affect most parts of Zambia with a call by government to Farmers not to plant their seeds for now.

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