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Husband Divorces Wife Over Her Comment On Gym Instructors Photo

By #GhettoVoices reporter

A married nurse has been divorced by her husband for merely liking the photos of an Engineer and Fitness trainer, Imasiku Mwiya.
Imasiku’s photos, who’s also a lecturer at Natural Resources & Development College (NRDC), were posted on 8th, 2021 in Zambia Reports page.

Imasiku Mwiya

Natasha Mulenga hit the Love button on the pictures and went on to comment “Aya ndiye ma type ya bamuna zoona which loosely translate that ‘these are the real type of men,”
The comment was seen by the husband to Natasha and this marked the genesis of marital problems between the two.
According to a testimony given in Court by the husband to Natasha, Mr. George Banda, his wife has been disrespectful in their marriage. Banda says his wife has a tendency of admiring men on social media and even leaving comments that suggests she is in love with them, which breaks his heart.
He says the comment his wife Natasha Mulenga made on Mwiya is not the first one adding that, she had previously wrote “”Oh my gosh! Such are the type of men we want. Not some men, only a voice is what will tell you that this person is man.”
This narration caused laughter in court.
However, in defense, Natasha says her husband is inferior and a jealous person who is making her life difficult. She told the court that normally, Banda doesn’t want her to even be on social media because he thinks she is there to chat with other men.
“My husband is jealous. He is generally inferior and this is making my life difficult. Imagine he doesn’t want me to be on social media. He doesn’t want me to go out of the house and associate with other people. I have even stopped going to church because he says there are men who admire me and he just becomes a beast when I defy his orders and go to worship.” She said.
Meanwhile, Banda says he came across the comment of his wife on Fitness trainer, Imasiku Mwiya pictures when he was comfortably watching highlights of Manchester United vs Leicester City, adding that he got irritated by the comment his wife put of the photos because that amounts to saying she is admiring to sleep with him.
He asked the court to grant him divorce of his wife because he can’t continue to live with a woman who has clear lust for another man. On the other hand, Natasha did not object to the plea of her husband.
They were divorced.

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