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Husband Forgives Wife For Having A Baby With Her Chines Boss

A married woman in Lusaka yesterday, Wednesday admitted to her husband that their colored 8 months old baby-girl belongs to a Chinese Investor.

Mrs Lucy Chishala Tembo admitted in the local court that indeed she has been going out with a Chinese Man for over 2 years util he impregnated her. When asked why she decided to sleep with another man when she was happily married, Mrs Tembo said she did that as she feared to lose employment at a Chinese company where she was being paid K2,000 per month.

However, her husband Mr Jerad Tembo asked the court to reconcile him to his wife as he still loved his wife. The couple has three children together and the Chinese one is the fourth whom Mr Tembo has now accepted to take as his own child.

The court learnt that the husband has no job and it is the wife who looks after him and children. Last year alone, 10 Zambian married women were impregnated by the Chinese Investers.
Picture: Mrs Tembo.

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