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Bissle wrote: I also want to die today the doom in my hands will do the work

I also want to die today.. The doom in my hands will do the work,the pain iam passing through is too much, its burning my body and soulOoh yes you heard me right,i also want to die today. But do you know what stops me from doing that?….Whenever i feel too much pain,i place my hand over my heart, and i feel the heart beating.

Do you feel it too? …I bet you do,that is called purpose.You are alive for a reason, so don’t give up on your lifeWhen people kill themselves they think they are ending the pain. But all they are doing is passing the pain to those they leave behind..Naine nipita muma vuto sininga name (even me iam passing through a lot of pain i can’t lie).

But we have the power to say this is not how the story will end#suicide is not a solution, but destruction.. Stay safe.Soon the pain will go away..God will make a way….Jeremiah 29:11

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