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I ask for sx using gestures, hubby tells court

I ask for sx using gestures, hubby tells court

You might think that this is a story of a deaf wife and dumb husband; nothing wrong, it could as well be.

But no, this is actually about a couple of three years who dragged each other to court for reconciliation on grounds that their communication in the home has deteriorated to a level that they could not even utter a word to each other.

Strange as it may sound, despite this hostility, apparently they still managed to make their bed squeak and shake as they satisfied each other; only that they had to use hand signals to indicate to the other party to undress and assemble on the bed for a session.

Magistrate Harriet Mulenga was the arbiter in this matter before the Matero Local Court where husband Emmanuel Bravo, 27 who was sued for reconciliation by his wife Mwatita Kaseba, 26 attested that indeed their marriage was as bumpy as the Serenje-Mpika road as the couple did not talk to each other and used hand gestures even in the bedroom.

However, what supposed to be sorrowful narration instead sent the court laughing as they imagined the couple fiercely angry but seating on top of each other.

For her part, Kaseba explained that the cause of their problems were that her husband had a habit of assisting himself to her money without realizing the fact that only a husband’s money is family property. She also alleged that Bravo was refusing responsibility for their son such that he hides the food from the son.

“But why should you deny your child that looks exactly like you especially when the only thing that brings happiness in your house is sx?” Magistrate Harriet Mulenga asked Bravo.

Noticing that the marriage was still active, especially in bed, Magistrate Mulenga reconciled the couple on condition that they work on their small misunderstandings and understand each other’s role in the home.

By Buumba Mwitumwa


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