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Last weekend as I woke up early in the morning to get dressed for my wedding feeling overwhelmed with joy, I never anticipated that I’d be feeling like dying later that day. My best friend, my chief bridesmaid did something that I would have never imagined. On that Friday night, we slept pretty late because we were all so excited for my wedding, my best friend and I even slept in the same bed, the following morning, she woke me up and we started getting ready. At about 9Am, we left for the marriage blessing, we got there slightly late but we managed to do everything on time, my fiancé and I exchanged our vows and it was really emotional, I honestly thought my fiancé meant what he said but In just about 3 hours, he proved that words are just words, he threw his vows in the trash. After the marriage blessing, we went ahead and signed our marriage certificate and we then started waiting for the wedding reception.
The venue was so beautiful, everything was like I wanted, a fairly tale kind of arrangement, little did I known that my marriage ceremony was just a fairly tale that wasn’t real. We proceeded with the celebration, we were introduced as husband and wife In from of our family and friends. Everyone seemed so happy, I was happy that finally I was his wife. We danced, we ate, we laughed and I even cried tears of joy, in that moment, I felt blessed.
As everyone else was leaving, only a few people were still waiting for their rides, I needed to use the bathroom, I went there with my other bridesmaid and we kept laughing, we got to the ladies and heard people making noises, my friend was curious to know who it was, we both looked at each other like we knew who it was cause the voices were familiar, too familiar, without thinking twice, I opened the door and behold, I was my husband and my chief bridesmaid, they were locking lips, it looked like they had done it. I stood there like a statue, I couldn’t even here what they were saying, my friend just held me and she kept talking, I felt like I was having a nightmare but after some minutes I realized that it was happening, they both looked so ashamed, they kept asking me to forgive them and that it was a mistake. I asked my friend to get me out of there.
I felt so ashamed, I asked my friend if I could spend a night at her house and she agreed, in that moment, I didn’t care about what would happen, I didn’t care if our parents found out, I just wanted to leave. I’ve been staying at my friend’s house for a week and no one knows, they think I’m with my husband, I’m so ashamed, I don’t know how to face everyone, my so called husband doesn’t have the guts to tell everyone what is happening. He has been pretending that everything is fine. I don’t know what to do. I just wonder how long they have been seeing each other behind my back and how did I not see it? I’m so angry.
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