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Good Morning Zambian stories.
I’ve been married to my husband for about eleven years now. A few years ago, we found out that my husband has a child with his previous ex and she never told him. She only told him after the child was three years old. The mother of the child couldn’t raise her child because the man who was fathering her didn’t want her anymore and she couldn’t raise her child so my husband and I took the child.

I was happy about this because I didn’t have kids of my own. I treated the little girl just like own. Two years later, her mother came to get her while my husband and I were at work. i called her to ask why she took my daughter without informing me and she insulted me, she mocked me about not being able to have a child. After a year I got pregnant with twins and I was really happy. The mother of my husband’s child decided to bring her child back because she had broken up with her boyfriend and once again, she couldn’t raise the child alone.

This girl has terrible manners, she disrespects me, she insults me and she calls me all sorts of names. I have started to resent her because she insults me in my own home. I talked to my husband about it and he didn’t do anything. i really don’t want this girl in my house and I’m planning on chasing her because she has been causing me and my husband to argue. Every time I try to discipline her, she lies to my husband that I hit her and my husband shouts at me. She even lies to her mother that I don’t treat her well, I’ve tried to be patient but this girl is ruining my life and marriage.

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