Reality and Advise Corner


There was this guy I was dating for three years. He was my college sweetheart and we were madly in love. I even thought we would get married at some point.

Everything was going fine till I started noticing some mild changes in him. He stopped calling as much as he used to and would complain when I called him saying I called too much. He started making a lot of excuses when I would ask for him to make time for me, it was always something going on with him.

I went home for the Christmas holiday and this guy didn’t pick my calls throughout. He called on New year’s eve to break up with me saying he wants us to start the new year on a fresh note. It was so painful. I cried so much that I even lost weight.

I went back to school only to find that the girl he was currently seeing was the one he had been referring to as his church member. That was the height of it. I felt so hurt and stupid.

Till today, I have issues with guys that have female church friends.

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