“I enjoy the job of being a Malukula”-mortuary attendant

“I enjoy the job of being a Malukula”

A Mortuary Attendant (locally known as Malukula) of Lusaka says there is nothing sinister about the job.

53 year old Dickson Banda who is also a Pastor tells Diamond News that he does not understand why society aligns myths to work.

Speaking from his office (Mortuary) of 11 years at the Microbiology and Pathology Section of the University Teaching Hospital-UTH Mr. Banda has challenged unemployed youths not to be choosy and take on careers such as his if unemployment is to be tackled collectively.

He reveals that after completing his 12th grade, he underwent turbulent situations from having worked as a security guard before he switched to domestic work.

The former alcoholic now Pastor at International Corner Stone Ministries adds that young people should demystify perception that being a Mortuary attendant is shrouded in myths and should desist shunning it as a lowly paid job.

However, Mr. Banda recounts that in the early days it was not an easy task handling bodies in the health facility but commitment and compassion for families that lost departed beloved ones made his duties easier.

He also recalls the start of Covid-19 as a challenging period when he witnessed so many families lose their relatives.

The committed worker has since clarified that contrary to superstition it is not true that he is a hammer-carrying individual who strikes whenever a corpse comes back to life.

The father of three, who resides in Lusaka says over the years there has been less stigma and his community has become supportive of the job he does at UTH.

His desire is that one day he may be recognized at a Labour Day Celebration for his thankless job.

-Diamond TV

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