Good morning Zambian stories.
I’m 25 years old and I’ve been in a relationship with my man for two years. My boyfriend has been really good to me, he supports me and he has been there for me. He has never given me a reason to doubt his intentions for me and he always assures me that he loves me. A week ago, I went to his house to spend a weekend like we normally do. I went there on Friday evening and I was to go back home on Sunday.

On Saturday, he left me home alone and he went out to run some errands. So I started cleaning the house, I pulled one of the drawers of his wardrobe and I found a pregnancy test and it was positive. I almost fell down because I couldn’t understand what or who it belonged to. I decided to wait for him so that I could confront him. A few hours later, he came home and instead of asking him about what I had found, I decided that I would go through his phone. I waited until he fell asleep and that’s when I got his phone and went through it. I found out that I was his side chick and that he had been in a relationship with someone else for Six years. i couldn’t hold my anger so I woke him up and asked him what that was. He didn’t even hesitate to tell me that it was his girlfriend, he told me that he has had a girlfriend the entire time but he didn’t love her.

He told me that he has been trying to break up with the girlfriend but he feels pity for her because according to him, he’s the only one she has ever since she lost her parents. I asked him about the pregnancy test and he said it was a mistake, he didn’t mean to sleep with her. He begged me not to leave him and he promised he would find a way to break up with the other girl.
Do you think he’s telling me the truth? should I give him another chance? I really love him.

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