I Have Been Called Ugly Many Times: Mwizukanji

Socialite, Entrepreneur and Media Influencer Mwizukanji says she has been described by many as an ugly woman but that does not stop her from working hard to be content.

Mwizukanji says despite being ugly, her hard work and confidence has made every blog to post about her without her request.

She says it is possible for any girl child to embrace hard work so that she can not beg a blog to post their picture.

“I honestly don’t know how many times I repeatedly saw this word each time someone described me.Yes it’s public knowledge that am that ugly good for nothing girl.I have embraced all that has been thrown to me and I’m living each day as it comes” she wrote.

Mwizukanji says Creating a safe space for her children as been her goal.

“Public humiliation exposed me to the public i have been there since. I don’t complain when I spend 5 days on the road driving and delivering cars.When I’m out there doing boot sales and deliveries I’m at peace and content.There is another girl going through something I went through and almost loosing hope”

“Refocus, Redirect your energy in becoming better than you were yesterday.Be your own competition only you understand where you are coming from.Personally I have never asked any blogs to post or talk about me.I have a personal page and I will post picture after picture whenever I feel like”

“I understand it’s ok not to like me I’m content and am happy.Am still that ugly duckling.Am just in a happy environment. How I live my life should not really get to you my darling”

“I’m a work in progress. I’m a seed grown into a flower. I’m a storm that’s rising. Getting stronger with every hour. And God knows I ain’t perfect Tell me who in the world is?”


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