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I have stopped helping Zambians, they are too disrespectful – Lillian Mutambo

She wrote:

Due to the disrespect and insults that I have continously received from Zambians since the time I decided to aspire in 2020, all sponsors from Zambia who are in the Diaspora that have been supportive on several projects have decided to pull out..They are discouraged by the level of disrespect and the non appreciative spirit which is filled with mockery of our efforts.

Please do not come to this page asking for help, I can only guide you…Therefore all assistance projects have been suspended and we will only work with those already under our scholarship scheme to link them with potential UK employer… Personally I will focus on family projects for the future of our children who are highly disrespected on a daily basis by bloggers and many others.

If I am alive today and you daily insult my children, I see no essence of rendering a service to communities at large that continously disrespect me and my family on a daily basis…Please do not inbox this page or any other pages or contact my team asking for help, this has now been disabled…It has been a pleasure being of service to you and sadly this has to come to an end. We wish you well and hope you find favour elsewhere and I focus on running my businesses. xBest wishesxMrs Lillian Mutambo Lupiya

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