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I left her because she was abusing me Mulwanda Speak out

I left her because she was abusing me Mulwanda Speak out

Let me address this issue for once ,I met milly when I was working at munali cafe she fell in love with me but I had second thoughts ,at that time I was almost getting married with my baby mama but my life wasn’t stable and we were having problems in our relationship ,so I decided to have some fresh air that’s how we started with milly it was just about Ben 10 thing ,smooching each other later on didn’t know was trapped into pregnancy 🤰 that’s she told me to start staying together though my mother and my sister were against with my decision.

after a year of staying together everything was ok but later on she decided to start abusing me ,insulting me etc each problem they ve to gang up on me and beat me but I can’t say much I really appreciate for everything she did for me I stayed rent free and managed to save money to start up business I needed somewhere to start from and i will take full responsibility of my kids including the unborn baby ,to my fellow young men when life is tough and you meet an old woman doing fine give them good sex and capitalize save money and later on move on where can you take an old woman the world is changing Thanks guys new shop opening for lotion soon date to be announced

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