Four years ago, I met my wife at a friend’s party, I liked her the moment I saw her, her vibe was just right. We had a conversation that night and it was amazing, the more she spoke, the more I liked her. I got her number and I took her out for lunch the next day. We had an amazing heart to heart conversation, I got to know her a little better, I got to know her likes and dislikes and she did mine. Things between us got serious over the next months, we were going out a lot, she was going out a lot without me and I was okay with it because that was the person she was. After some months, I started getting concerned with the way i was feeling about her lifestyle, I didn’t like that she was going out often, she was an independent woman so she took care of herself, she always had money to go out.


I sat down with her and I explained that I was uncomfortable with her lifestyle and I didn’t think she would take it well but she did, she said she would reduce going out and partying. The next few months were great, she stopped going out as much, she reduced drinking, everything was great, that was when I proposed to her and soon after, we got married. The first year of our marriage was the happiest time of my life, everything was perfect, she was an amazing wife, she took very good care of me, I was happy until she started going out again, her friend from the states came and it was like before we got married. She was going out every weekend starting from Friday night to Sunday evening. This went on for three months. And every time I confronted her about it, she would get upset and say that I knew she was like that even before we got married, at one point, the argument was so huge she had to move out for a week. I apologized and she came home. She became really sneaky with her movements and her phone.

Life has been a roller coaster ride with her, sometimes we are happy and other times we are fighting. I talked to her about having kids and she says she’s not ready because she still wants to enjoy her life. I’ve only been married to her for two years and I’m already feeling like I made a mistake. I love her deeply but her behavior is pushing me away. I don’t know what to do anymore.