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Good Afternoon Zambian stories.

I’m 23 years old and I’m currently in University. I have two elder sisters and we all have different fathers. I’ve been going out with my their husbands. I started dating the first one three years after he got married to my sister and the other one, I started seeing him a year ago. It all started with flirty messages and now I’m sleeping with them. No one knows this. I’ve been secretly dating them and I’ve been the happiest.

My sisters treat me with so much love, they give me everything I want but their husbands, give me everything I have ever wanted. They don’t even know that I’m seeing them both. They spend on me, they sponsor my vacations, my soft life. I’ve managed to date them both without anyone catching me. The problem is that I’ve started to fall in love with one of them. I feel very jealous every time I see him with my sister. I want to convince him to leave my sister so that he can marry me.

He’s always complaining that he’s not happy with my sister and I know make him happy. I never planned for this but now I’m deeply in love with him and I want him to myself.
How can I convince him to leave his wife and marry me? Also how do I tell my sisters about this? I’ve started to feel bad.

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