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My wife hired a maid when it was time for her to go back to work, we had an issue with our previous one so wifey had to find someone she was comfortable leaving our baby with. We needed a stay in maid so she had to find someone who was good with kids and everything else. We didn’t place all the burdens on her, we had another one coming in for laundry. She found someone very pretty and attractive, she’s quite smart too with good manners. She treated me with the kind of respect that no one else has ever done, not even my wife. After some months, i started liking her a lot and I knew those feelings were only going to get worse if she continued to work for us so I made up a bunch of lies and excuses to get my wife to fire her, I was even willing to help her find another job. My wife didn’t agree with me, she said the lady was hard working and she was very good with our child. She insisted that she wasn’t going to fire her, so I let it go.

The next few weeks, my feelings for her started getting intense, I really wanted to tell her how I felt but I wasn’t sure how she’d react, I even thought she would tell my wife so I controlled myself. It was hard seeing her without touching her. One evening while my wife was out for dinner with her girlfriends, I tried to tell her but she was busy with my child. I’m willing to do everything for her, I really like her, she’s very beautiful, she makes me laugh, we have developed a friendship and I don’t want to ruin it, if I tell her, she might not be happy and she might leave this house but again, I can’t keep these feelings to myself.

How can I tell her with the guarantee that she won’t leave?

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