Good Afternoon Zambian stories.
I’ve been dating my girlfriend for eight years now and i don’t love her anymore. Eight years ago, I met a young beautiful lady and we fell in love. I didn’t have a job by then and I was staying with my father and my step mom together with my siblings. I moved in with my father and his wife after my mother died. My step mother didn’t like me, she treated me very badly. I was happy when I met my girlfriend because she was always there for me. She didn’t mind that I didn’t have anything to give her but my love and loyalty.

After a year, We both went to study at the University and we were so happy. She used to cook for me, do my laundry and help me with my assignments because she was very smart. She would share her pocket money with m whenever my father didn’t. She was always there for me. After two years of being together, she fell pregnant and my parents were so upset, they told me they didn’t want anything to do with me and that I should resolve my own issues. Her parents were equally upset with her to the point of making her drop out of University.

After a few months, she gave birth and she decided she would go back to school after the baby turns three. I supported her with the little I had. l later graduated from University and went back home. Being a grown man and staying with my parents was really stressful, my step mother would always find ways to belittle me and make me feel like I was useless, she would tell me to grow up and move out. I would complain to my girlfriend and she would always encourage me that things would soon be okay. My step mother finally managed to kick me out of the house and my girlfriend managed to convince her uncle to let me rent a room in his house and my girlfriend would cover the costs.

After staying with my girlfriend’s uncle for about six months, I found a job, it didn’t pay much but I was able to rent a small house and I asked my girlfriend to move in with me together with our child. Things were starting to look out for me. After a couple of months of hard work and dedication, I got promoted. The promotion came with a house and a car. We were so happy until temptation started hitting me. I started going to business dinners and lunch with elegant women and I started noticing the beautiful women. I couldn’t take my girlfriend to the work functions because I didn’t want her to embarrass me, she didn’t know how to dress.

it’s been a while now and I’m not happy anymore, I don’t want her anymore. I recently met someone else, she’s my coworker and we’ve been dating. I told her that I’m only staying with my baby mama because she has no where else to go. I really love this woman, she’s my type, she is attractive and she’s hardworking. I don’t know how to tell my baby mama about this because I still care about her and I don’t want to hurt her. I’m willing to rent her a house and help her with the bills until she finds something to do.

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