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Immigration Confirms Apprehending Stopila Sunzu’s Father

THE Department of Immigration has confirmed the apprehension of Stopila Sunzu’s father, Felix as part of its routine clean up conducted in Chililabombwe.

And the the department says it has recorded a statement from Mr Sunzu and he is expected to report to the Kasumbalesa Immigration Office.

In a media statement,  Department spokeswoman Namati Nshinka said  Mr Sunzu was among the 20 persons rounded up during a routine Department of Immigration-led clean-up operation conducted within Chililabombwe District in the early hours of Monday, 13th December, 2021.

He said the exercise was with support from other security wings.

“Mr Sunzu, together with five members of his household, was picked by the officers after he failed to produce documentation to prove his legal immigration status. Contrary to reports that the Officers broke into and searched Mr. Felix Sunzu’s house, Mr. Sunzu willingly opened the door upon hearing the Officers’ knock and no search was conducted,” he said.

Mr Nshinka said Mr Sunzu and the other five members of his household were taken to Chilalabombwe Police Station for screening shortly after which they were released, upon production of the requisite documents.

“This is consistent with the Department’s policy of not detaining any person who is not a flight risk. A statement was recorded from Mr Sunzu and he is to report to the Kasumbalesa Immigration Office,” Mr Nshinka said.

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