Innocent Kalimanshi Walks Free From Assault Case

SELF-proclaimed PF National Commander has walked free and brown from the Lusaka Magistrates Court after a charge of assault against him was dropped.

The not-so-Innocent Kalimanshi aged 34 of Lusaka’s Salama Park with his loyal lieutenant Nathan Phiri, 43 of Kamwala South and his cholaboy Capson Mwanza, 56 of Chawama Compound were let off the hook after the people they pummeled claimed they had reconciled and fallen in political love with those that beat them up.

With their sores only partially dry, Muhammad Mutale, Kingsley Nyondo and Isaac Banda managed to force a smile out of their swollen jaws to convince the court that they had forgiven Kalimanshi and his ‘Amelicans’.

Based on the victims request, Magistrate Chabala allowed Kalimanshi to walk free and fight another day.

The case arose out of an ugly clash in Chawama of rival PF factions infamously known as the ‘Battle of Blue Water Dam’ where Kalimanshi and his ‘Embenezer’ singing ensemble thwarted an attack by their InterCity Bus Station colleagues in the process capturing some drunk fighters whom they enrolled in course on street discipline with whips and slaps as teaching aids; however, the students did not enjoy the painful lesson and complained to the courts leading to the case which has been dropped.

(Source: Kalemba)

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