My husband and I have been married for five years and for the past two years, his mother has been visiting us every month and stays for week straight. The first few months she started visiting, I didn’t have a problem with it because I had just given birth to my first child and I was happy she was there to help, but as time went by, I started getting uncomfortable and the worst part is she just shows up unannounced and when she comes, she makes everything about herself like it’s her house, she has these crazy rules that she expects me to follow and I end up feeling like I’m in my parents house and not mine.

I’m really tired of her always coming here, she has a very close relationship with my husband because he’s the last born and she says she needs to know if he’s being well taken care of by me and if not she has to take care of him herself, he’s a grown man with a wife, why does she need to still take care of him? I’ve had the same conversation with my husband about her over and over again but nothing has changed, he’s always saying that I should just be grateful she is always here to help. But I don’t need her help, she’s making me feel like I’m not women enough and I can’t take care of my family. Whenever she’s around, she gives me curfew, my friends can’t come over, I have to come straight home from work to cook dinner and when I don’t do it the way she wants, it becomes an issue. I love and appreciate her but I don’t need her visiting every month and staying for a week. I’m tired and it’s like my husband doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

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