Kabemba Given 6 Hours To Deactivate DP WhatsApp Media Platform

The Harry Kalaba Democratic Party (DP) faction is demanding that Judith Kabemba should deactivate the WhatsApp group called “DP Media platform” which she created recently.

According to a letter of demand through Messrs LM chambers, Kabemba must deactivate the WhatsApp Group within six hours after receiving the letter.

Failure to do so, the Kalaba faction says it shall institute contempt proceedings against her.
In the letter, it is alleged that it is contemptuous for Kabemba to create such a WhatsApp group when there is an active case in Court.

“Your client is well aware that it is the role of Honorable Justice C. Kafunda and he alone to deal with the issues that are before him and it is most disrespectful to the Judge for your client to brazenly make public statements about the subject matter that is under consideration,” the letter read in part.

“Your client as administrator of the group aforesaid, is also vicariously liable for all comments made by the members of the group she created.”

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