Kakoma Kanganja As Asked For Forgiveness After Being Fired

KAKOMA Kanganja has asked for forgiveness from whoever he may have injured during his course of duty as Inspector General of Police.
President Hakainde Hichilema announced Kanganja’s dismissal from his post as Inspector General of Police this evening ending his 36-year career as a police officer.
Kanganja was appointed Inspector General of Police on December 8, 2015 by former president Edgar Lungu.
In a farewell message to journalists in the Zambia Police WhatsApp group, Kanganja said “In executing my duties I would have knowingly or unknowingly injured a lot of people please forgive me”.
Kanganja said it was the President’s prerogative of to fire and appoint service chiefs.
“I wish to now officially bid farewell to you all. It has been easy. Thanks for your support during my tenure of office,” he wrote.
Kanganja said he would be always available to help the in-coming command in completing the projects which were in progress.
In Kanganja’s place, President Hichilema has appointed former Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Lemmy Kajoba.

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