Kambwili Warns To Expose Hidden Agendas Of Some Political Parties

The hype and vibe at Mulungushi International Conference Centre has notched up with a lot of anticipation ,expectation and off course uncertainty in readiness for the Patriotic Front General conference.

The popularity of the Patrotic front party has been cemented and emphasized as evidenced by the overwhelming response by those aspiring to contest.The atmosphere at the venue under strict adherence to the COVID-19 guidelines is electric as people await the official opening of the conference by President Lungu who is not only expected to grace the event but is also recontesting his position.

In the true spirit of both intra-party and inter-party democracy, various party officials have flocked the event, while leaders of other political parties are also in attendance with the likes of Chinese Ambassador to Zambia also present.

And National Democratic Congress (NDC) has hailed the Patriotic Front for embracing other political parties by way of inviting them to attend the conference.”Am happy that I was invited by the PF and this is as it should be!” Dr Kambwili said.

He told journalists that what the PF have done is what other political parties should have been doing in the true spirit of democracy and peace building.And Dr Kambwili has castigated his former alliance partner, the UPND for being undemocratic.

Dr Kambwili who took the opportunity to announce the appointment of Ms Saboi Imboela as the party’s interim vice president said the UPND missed an opportunity to have discussed important bilateral issues had they embraced intraparty democracy by inviting other political parties to their convention like what the PF has done.

“We were in an alliance with them and they failed to invite the person they wanted to be their running mate.That shows you the kind of political party they are” he added.And Dr Kambwili has warned that he will expose the hidden agendas of some political parties and for what they really stand for, having worked closely with them.

And when asked if his coming to the convention is an indication of willingness to work with the PF, Dr Kambwili said if the party convention decides to work with the PF, ‘so be it’.

“Am one of the five people that started the PF and it will not be a sin to be associated to the PF.For those that want to speculate, can speculate.As a matter of fact, what is wrong to work with the PF” Dr Kambwili questioned.


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