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Kanina Kandalama leaked video For those who haven’t watched the video, find it on the links below

Good afternoon Zambian stories. Something very awkward happened to me a few days ago and I can’t help but laugh about it. I went out with a guy I had been seeing for months and He didn’t know I was seeing another guy. It was on a Saturday and my guy came and took me out for lunch. While we we there, I saw my other boyfriend but he was with a woman and it seemed like they were on a date. I felt a lot of mixed feelings. He saw me too and saw that I was also with another guy. He came to our table looking very angry, he asked me what I was doing there and who the guy was to me. I didn’t know what to say so I just stayed silent. The girl he was with came and started causing a scene, she was asking why he was concerned about me. But she soon realized I was his girlfriend and the guy I was with also realized I had a thing with the other guy. They started arguing and the girl wanted to fight me and at this point I was perplexed. I just didn’t understand why the guy didn’t just pretend he didn’t know me since he was with another girl. Why did he have to cause a scene? Clearly we were both cheating on each other. Why do men have so much pride and ego? In that moment, he didn’t realize ati he was also cheating? Lol anyway the guy I went out is actually the one I liked the most and I told him the that guy was my ex and he was just obsessed with me. I hope he doesn’t come across the post.

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