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Kaonde Woman Married To Two Men

A Kaonde Woman identified as “Rachael Mukwemba” has been taken to Court for allegedly been in two marriages for four years and counting.

The 28 year old Rachel who has been married to “Enock Mumba” of Kitwe and Issac Chipili” of Solwezi was finally caught yesterday by both men’s relatives, who teamed up to find the actual truth after hearing rumors for a few months now that their in-law has a double marriage affair..

Rachel married “Enoch” in June 2017 in kitwe! their wedding was stagged at Edinburgh Hotel, but unbelievably after she was transferred to solwezi in 2019 (working for Bayport by then , it is believed she also met another man “Isaac” who she married in solwezi via a family come together marriage arrangement..

With current reports stating on her second marriage she took fake paid for relatives to represent her..
As worse as this case is, she is also 5 months pregnant and told both men they are expecting their first new born..
Shame!! Isaac and Enock have both been blindly married thinking their wife is just a business woman who travels to Solwezi and Kitwe from time to time not knowing she’s always taking care of her other marriage the other side of town..


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