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Kasama Man Jailed For Indecent Curiosity

The Kasama Magistrates Court has sentenced a 38-year-old ex-convict of Nakonde district in Muchinga Province to two years in jail with hard labour for indecent curiosity while masturbating to female pupils of Kasama Girls Secondary School.
Facts of the matter are that on 8th November, 2021 Simwanza stood on an anthill outside the school wall fence and started calling the girls who were inside the
school premises by a hand gesture while showing off his manhood but the pupils
ignored him by running for their safety.
It was at this point that the girls rushed to inform the school authority and the
security guards about what Simwanza was doing and who rushed to the anthill and
apprehended the culprit.
In mitigation the ex-convict pleaded with the Court to exercise leniency on him stating that he recently finished serving a prison sentence.
However, Magistrate Joe Samboko says that he has heard the plea therefore a two-
year sentence with hard labour slapped on the ex-convict was accordingly and Simwanza is serving his prison sentence at Milima Correctional Facility in Kasama
district of Northern Province.


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