Kasumbalesa Border To Remain Open

Kasumbalesa Border Post on the Copperbelt will remain as government puts in place measures to prevent an escalation of Covid 19 cases, Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe has disclosed.

Mwakalombe said government has devised a system that will allow economic activities to run smoothly while addressing any threats of further spread of the pandemic.

He said efforts are being put in place to ensure business is not disrupted and at the same time minimize any Covid-19 cases. Mwakalombe indicated government has continued to receive support from the private sector in the fight against Covid-19.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwakalombe has commended IHS towers who have donated various items towards the Covid 19 fight valued at K250,000. He stated that the fight against Covid-19 is everyone’s responsibility.

And IHS Towers Commercial Director said the donation made is part of the company’s policy of giving back to the community

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