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Kitwe Man takes his wife to police for being a satanist


A Kitwe man identified as Mr Boyd Bwalya yesterday took his wife to police and claim she is a satanist.
Mr Bwalya caught his wife with huge sums of money K2,500,000 and an unusual things “rituals” when he visited her boutique. One of the wife’s workers at a boutique tipped Mr Bwaya to pass through the boutique before the wife had gone there and see what they found in her office.

Mr Bwalya a Kitwe Resident left his wife sleeping and got to the boutique as early as possible. Immediately after he found things in her office he went straight to the nearest police station and got his wife arrested.
He is further planning on divorcing her as he can’t believe what he has seen and the kind of money his wife has been hidding minus him knowing.

He also claims she could be the one behind the death of their only children (twins) as one of the doll rituals resembles his late children who died in an accident two years ago. The dolls has faces of human beings (and he claims the faces are exactly his late kids look alike).

“This woman buys experience vehicles each year but i didn’t know such a beautiful, attractive woman practices juju no wonder we don’t have children. Last week when she forced me to me to make love during the day, i became very weak on top and wen i looked her face, she had changed into a snake. I don’t want this woman”, Mr Bwalya told police.

Credit: Zambia accurate

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