Kitwe Serial Killer Led Police To The Eleventh Victim Shallow Grave

AMIDST the torrential rains that battered the city of Kitwe yesterday, the Kitwe Strangler aged 27 led police to a spot on the Kitwe-Kalulushi Road where he buried his eleventh (11) female victim in a shallow grave.

Meanwhile, despite the wet and decomposed state of the corpses, a body of a female victim dug up from Nkana West and another female corpse within Kitwe were positively identified by relatives due to the clothes worn by the victims.

And Elias Chushi, Copperbelt Commissioner of Police said the discovery of bodies was just starting and the public should expect more discoveries before closing the investigations and proceeding to trial.

Meanwhile, preliminary reports indicate that the Kitwe Strangler sometimes lured his female victims to secluded places for sex where he turned monster and strangled them with his bare hands and then raped their warm lifeless bodies.

Despite the police success in apprehending the grizzly murderer, the public have been questioning why police did not alert the public of a serial killer on the loose when they received at least five reports of females in Kitwe disappearing.

The public has been wondering whether the police were fatigued with the Gassing drama and allowed the public to go with life unaware that there was a predator on the prowl until some women, unfortunately, came face-to-face with his killer arms.

Further, in spite of the Kitwe Strangler’s claim that he committed the murders and rapes on the advise of his with doctor as means of getting rich, other experts have demanded a psychological evaluation of the murdered saying he could merely be a necrophiliac; a term used to describe people who get pleasure from having sex with the dead.

(Source: Kalemba)

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