Kondwani Banda to face arrest

A Zambian youth based abroad named Kondwani Banda is to face arrest for using Rupiah Banda’s name to gain popularity on social media platforms.

ZED GOSSIP has been told that the young man who has been scandalous on some prominent people in Zambia is not a grandson to the late president as he claims.

Those close to sons to late Rupiah Banda told ZED GOSSIP that Nenani and Andrew expressed ignorance about a young man who has been telling people that he was related to the Banda family for his personal gain.

“The sons to president Banda during a meeting wondered if the young man’s mental faculties are okay. They even challenged him to state of truly he is our father’s grandson because all our children are known. We even feel sorry for all those people we hear he has defamed on social media. Those close to him please warn him because we have engaged the Embassy in Turkey where we hear he resides and he shall be brought to book to explain why he is lying to people and tarnishing our name” the source said.

It has also been learnt that a mission in the country the said young is has been contacted to find out his motive of using president Banda’s name and family.

Credit: ZedGossip

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