lady Dumps boyfriend for not smiling when they are together.

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A 26 year old Zambian lady from Lusaka is contemplating on breaking up with her boyfriend of three weeks for not smiling when the two are together.

Sharing her story on social media, the lady said that despite being spoiled by the boyfriend, he is always serious even if she say anything funny.

“I am a lady aged 26 currently staying in Lusaka and am just upset with my new boyfriend whom I have dated for three weeks now,” she said.

She continued; “I have come to conclude that he never wants to smile when I say something funny, he will just be there serious. He is able to spoil me as a man’s responsibility but I have come to a conclusion that I need to dump him.”

According to her whenever she tries talking to him on how she feels with his behaviour of not smiling, the boyfriend only tells her to continue drinking b**r which she says it not okay to her as well.

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