LCC Close Down Illegal Winery At Evelyn Hone College

Lusaka City Council has closed an illegal wine factory at Evelyn Hone College.

This follows a complaint from the institution’s administration after it noticed a fermentation smell coming from the school canteen.

Acting on the tip, a team of LCC Public health inspectors moved to the scene and found a wine factory running and all process involved in the making and packaging of the product was being done in one place.

Workers at the factory manually packaged the wine into bottles without any protective equipment and no measures were in place to allow for safe food handling.

The factory was making wines labeled Zikomo, Chibe Pakapaka, Natotela, Zambezi, Sansamukeni and Banana Wine.

At the time of Inspection, the owner of the factory was unable to produce any permits that allows them to manufacture and distribute the wine.

This is contrary to Liquor Licensing Act No 20 of 2011, Public Health Act Cap 295 and Food, Drug Safety Act No. 7 of 2019 of the Laws of Zambia.

LCC has since seized on premise all goods that were in the factory until investigations are concluded.

Thus, members of the public should be on the look out for these products that look as innocent soft drinks but have unknown alcohol/chemical contents in them.

The local authority is therefore advising all institutions to take keen interest in reporting all suspicious business activities/premises to the relevant authorities.

The LCC wishes to warn all persons involved in illegal brewing and distribution of uncertified wines to stop operations before they are visited by he local authority.

Issued by
George Sichimba
Public Relations Manager

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