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Lilian Mutambo Doesn’t Like Me Because I Refused To Pray For Her: Prophetess Naise

To all Zambians I have been quiet for sooo long this woman is not fighting me for nothing I rejected her request to be close to me because I’m a very reserved person I don’t like dramatic people!!
SINCE JANUARY WHEN SHE Campaigning she was on my case in my inbox asking for help to win and as you can see this is not edited that her account verified with her name she even called me and said she wanted to post me on her page I refused

!!! I said no I don’t like what you do on social media as woman of God I decided to keep this but today I have reached a level where I needed you guys to see it’s deep !!!
I SIMPLY REFUSED TO PRAY FOR HER AND BE CLOSE TO HER CAUSE OF HER BEHAVIOR SHES TOO MUCH MWEH !!! I won’t say much because it can be used against me in court cause that where we heading but in life don’t judge people learn to here the other side of the story
since January she was on my case I refused
I wanted to post this along time but today I decided so you see there’s no smoke with out fire

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