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Lukulu Man Cursed With Blindness After Seeing An Old Woman Naked

By Lubinda Namukolo
A man only identified as Felix kalimba aged 24 years old has gone blind after seeing an old woman naked in the early hours of today in Kamilende area of Lukulu district.
Felix who was coming from Watopa area, saw an old woman urinating aside the road around 06:00hrs. Instead of waiting for her to finish helping herself, he went ahead and without showing remorse and looked at her with his both eyes wide open.
The woman told Felix to wait, Muikulu akulibelele pili , nisa shama “.
Felix went ahead.
Old woman said , “Meto ya hao a kwalelele ku zwa onafa ” May your eyes get closed for good”.
Upon reaching in kamilende area, Felix felt something like a slap on his face and that’s how his eye site went. He couldn’t see and become blind.
The family wanted to rush him to Lukulu district hospital but upon hearing the situation, they decided to search for the old woman in the villages around.
His family members have gone to look for the old woman , so that they can resolve the problem and stop the blindness.
SOURCE: Barotseland Broadcasting Network

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