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By Jackson Mwewa Chabala Junior

William Gondwe a 32 year old man of Lundazi district was today, late afternoon, Slapped in the face with shame by in-laws after presenting farm produce as Lobola with so much pride.

According to available sources, Gondwe who is eagerly waiting for the for the month of May believing his name will be among the recruited teachers 2023, approached his in-laws in the company of his uncles.

They were gladly welcomed by the girl’s father, who later asked why they had come with so many farm products believing it was a common visit.

Gondwe’s uncle using common Chewa proverbs, made their intentions known, the girl’s father stared at Gondwe’s shoes then to his forehead which goes up to 15cm and came down to his two big front teeth sitting on the lower lip.

He just nodded his head and asked them to leave saying we have more than enough farm produce please, leave!

Witnesses have confirmed that in rage Gondwe rose from his wooden seat, first scattered the maize and groundnuts then went straight to his in-law holding a pumpkin which he threw aiming at his in-law’s head, fortunately he missed.

His uncles got hold of him, the in-law took advantage of the situation and gave Gondwe two punches straight on the front teeth.

Gondwe got insane, he pushed his uncle who scattered the last busket and fell on the sharp thorns of the seasonal fruits, vidunguza.

Two straight punches went straight into the in-law’s face, hell fell lifelessly on the ground. Before, taking another step, Gondwe was held again, this time neighbors had come.

Meanwhile, Gondwe who is now detained at a named police station said it’s common in Lundazi, men are not respected and the girl whose name has been withheld has told the police that she never had such talks with Gondwe, in fact she does not even talk to him.

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