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Lusaka Business Man Vows To Bewitch Those Who Swindled Him OF His K25,000

A Lusaka restaurant owner has vowed to use witchcraft to punish three scammers for robbing him of K25,000, on the pretext of sell a second-hand motor vehicle which they later switched with fake diamonds.
Details are that on 4 th February, 2022 Danny placed a post on social media expressing interest to buy a motor vehicle ranging between K25,000 and K27,000 in a WhatsApp group where a man responded going by the name Junior R Lungu who later tricked him with his two accomplices.

Speaking with S24 in an interview, Danny said that he will be traveling to Mozambique to seek a traditional witch doctor’s help with charms to mete out punishment on the three men that robbed him of the money he has been saving for the past one year.


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