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Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa Launches DIY Multiple Solar Phone Charger

In a post he wrote:

This afternoon I launched the mobile Solar multiple phone charger that I have been working on a DIY basis for the last 4 years.

It’s called the “Xtra Miles Power Bank” and is able to charge about 20 phones at once using Solar power stored in a battery. It can also be wheeled or pushed in a wheelbarrow fashion from one point to another in pursuit of business.

The aim is to manufacture more and empower youths to place them at public places like markets, bus stops, restaurants, nightclubs etc and put at a fee per hour for each phone charged.

This commercial power bank has all the phone charger type namely Samsung (big and small type), IPhone, Infinix, Techno, Huawei, Nokia etc.

We hope to find Sponsors to help us manufacture more and avail to various business minded youths in the City.

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MBS10082020, 17;02hrs

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