Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa Launches Xtra-Miles Lusaka Cab

“About 9 months ago when I sold one of my houses, I mentioned that beyond paying for my kids school fees, I would use some of the money to venture into a business project to empower and motivate youths economically in the City.

This afternoon we have therefore launched what I consider my milestone or apex of my time as Mayor of Lusaka. It’s the Xtra-Miles Lusaka Cab that comprises of intial 7 Mercedes Benz E-Class for the people of Lusaka to use as a taxi.

The respect I give them all who are in reality my ” Bosses” is availability of Mercedes historical global comfort and status.The figure 7 denotes the number of constituencies in Lusaka City namely Mandevu, Matero, Kanyama, Chawama, Lusaka Central, Kabwata and Munali.

The cabs will work 24 hours at a fixed fee of Zali (K100) regardless of distance be it to the Airport or from one constituency pick up to any location in the City.

This project is an advanced version of my 2013 Metrocabs Taxis launched for Matero youths when I was the area MP.Incidentally only male youths were empowered then as Drivers.

This time around, the first 7 Mercedes Benz cabs will only have female Drivers and so far I have hired two who I began interviewing via Boba TV some 5 weeks ago.

I am therefore looking for 5 more women to hire as drivers for Xtra Miles Lusaka Cabs. Reliable, honest, etiquette, polite etc are some of the qualities we are looking for from applicants.

For those interested, please inbox Boba TV facebook page and we shall call you for my direct interviews (DIY).Kwenze ZambCab mu UNIP, now kwankala Xtra-Miles LusakaCab.

The first booking or ride by any Resident will be free so we have you on our database and will only be asked to pay for the second booking or trip.If you have no cash but need to move urgently, Xtra-Miles LusakaCab will be able to take you on Nkongole payable during the next booking. Ukataba nindaba zako😊.

The aim of all these economic projects, I have launched last 3 months are not meant for me to make money as it is not my motivational factor in my life now. It’s the will and happiness gained in practical exhibition of some of the ways our youths can obtain economic and financial independence.

That said and to “the Beautiful people of Lusaka, Beyond and in the Diaspora” I present to you with love, The Xtra-Miles LusakaCab”Operations start instant.

Call them for pick up on 0760116818 facebook:Xtramiles Lusaka cabs

Together We Can

MBS02.11.2020, 2pm

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