This morning together with the LCC Director of Health Edgar Mulwanda We closed indefinitely the Chinese LANTIAN restaurant in Longacres.

This is because they abrogated laws under the Food & Health Act namely:

1. Selling products labelled in Chinese and not English as prescribed by law.

2. Trading without a License from LCC.

3. Expired Fire certificate.

We are moving in on all Restaurants and other hospitality services especially of Chinese onwed that are conducting business without proper documentation or in an unethical manner.

Latian restaurant was reported by Muvi TV yesterday for only allowing entrance to Chinese and denying Blacks for apparently Covid19 related reasons.

We strongly reprimanded the owner a Mr Tang on that Malpractice as well.

Apartheid finished a long time ago in Lusaka after Zambia gained Independence in 1964.

We urge all residents of Lusaka to whistle blow on any business or trading place exhibiting unethical practices. We shall move in decisively with supersonic speed.

Together We Can

Miles B. Sampa
Mayor of Lusaka
18th May 2020 “

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