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Lusaka woman [email protected] to [email protected] by two ex-boyfriends.

Lusaka woman [email protected] to [email protected] by two ex-boyfriends

A 36 year old woman of Lusaka, working at Kuku farms in Chelstone’s Obama area, has died after she was [email protected] by her two ex-boyfriends, who are currently on the run.

According to Zambia Police assistant public relations officer Godfrey Chilabi, the duo, Derrick and Kebby, whose other names are yet to be known, collaborated in disfiguring Yvonne Kabwe’s face.

It is reported that the two run-away boyfriends, who used unknown objects to inflict pain on Kabwe, left her in excruciating body pains with a swollen right cheek and face.

Kabwe later died at Chelstone clinic.

“Preliminary investigations indicate that on the fateful date, now deceased [Kabwe], reported to her employer that she was not feeling too well, without divulging into any further details,” Chilabi stated.

“Later, information came to the employer’s knowledge that actually her maid was allegedly [email protected]

Chilabi stated that Kabwe’s body has been taken to the University Teaching Hospitals (UTH) mortuary, awaiting post-mortem while a manhunt for two suspects has been launched.


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